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Watch "Place Me Maybe"

& Change How You See the World

Just a week ago I was at the TechServe Alliance 2012 Conference giving a talk to industry peers on how incoming generations work very differently. It's meant a lot of adjustment for managers like me accustomed to formal office hours and buiness rituals. When I look at technology today and how it's changed the world (and I work in IT!), I am sometimes blown away by all the changes.

Social Media Recruitment & Staffing: We're Winning

As anyone who's watched a tween text or a toddler use an iPad knows, inspired technologies can spread through the market like wildfire. They can capture generations of users in only a fraction of the time it took to develop them. Social media is certainly one of those technologies. It has sparked a revolution in communication and community building.

What Lies Ahead for American Business?

Last week, I hosted my annual Harvey Nash USA Leadership Lecture. My invited speakers were my boss, Albert Ellis, Global CEO of Harvey Nash, and the distinguished Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry. I was so pleased to have the event attended by nearly 150 executives from some of the world's most well-known companies, with more than 500 people viewing via a live stream online. The enthusiasm and excitement were contagious! Everyone in the live and remote audience was clearly anxious to hear more about the topic I had selected this year: "What Lies Ahead for American Business?"

Looking for answers? Look at your hands.

Break a finger and you'll suddenly realize how much you depend on your hands. Heck, a paper cut will tell you the same thing. The point is that most of us, perhaps with the exception of pianists and painters, take our hands for granted. We shouldn't. They hold tremendous potential for changing the world... or at the very least, our own world. That was perhaps the most important lesson I took away from the recent annual conference of CBI, the UK's premier business lobbying organization.