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Watch "Place Me Maybe"

& Change How You See the World

Just a week ago I was at the TechServe Alliance 2012 Conference giving a talk to industry peers on how incoming generations work very differently. It's meant a lot of adjustment for managers like me accustomed to formal office hours and buiness rituals. When I look at technology today and how it's changed the world (and I work in IT!), I am sometimes blown away by all the changes.

One of the best examples I have to share is the "Place Me Maybe" video parody our NYC recruiter, Justin Chukumba, did of the Carly Rae Jepsen hit "Call Me Maybe."

Justin is a millennial. When considering a way to merge the ever-present song with the daily challenges of a recruiter in the technology staffing industry, he took the project home with him. The very next day he had a fun and clever video answer for us.

Lyrics? He wrote them on the subway. Production? He shot the video on his laptop camera. The results? Thousands of people have viewed the video on YouTube, Facebook and our website. And hundreds more saw the video at the TechServe Alliance 2012 Conference. Justin's willingness to dive in, get creative and poke a little fun at himself is helping us grab the attention of IT candidates across the U.S.

As a business leader of another generation, I am proud of Justin's work and I am also impressed. That willingness to go outside of the traditional bounds of work--where it's done, who oversees it and when it happens--resulted in something great.

A happy reminder that ambition and creativity are strong in every generation, Justin's work is also an example of one of the greatest perks of leadership: watching your employees' successes unfold--whether it's on YouTube, in the workplace or anywhere their creativity takes them.