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Social Media Recruitment & Staffing: We're Winning

As anyone who's watched a tween text or a toddler use an iPad knows, inspired technologies can spread through the market like wildfire. They can capture generations of users in only a fraction of the time it took to develop them. Social media is certainly one of those technologies. It has sparked a revolution in communication and community building.

From Facebook to the Arab Spring, social media is reshaping how we engage as friends, as colleagues, as activists, as family members and even as global citizens. In recent years, Harvey Nash has worked to make our social media platforms positive and plentiful recruitment resources for our clients and the thousands of IT professionals around the world who trust their careers to us. And it's working.

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) and Scanlon.Louis just recognized Harvey Nash for "Best Integrated Social Media Campaign" in an analysis of social media practices across the industry. From our career makeover contest and referral program to blogs, surveys and interactive groups across LinkedIn and Facebook , Harvey Nash is creating a powerful network of IT experts, job seekers, thought leaders and businesses.

The results of our efforts, from jobs secured to valuable business connections made, mean greater opportunity and that's exactly what Harvey Nash wants from social media--greater opportunities for our clients and candidates. I invite you to read more about SIA's recognition of Harvey Nash social media best practices and success. Find out how we're creating big opportunities through Likes, Tweets, Blogs, Posts, Tags and more.