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Your Viral Brand Value & the Recruiting Consequences

The essence of your brand has an important double life these days—one that is measured in links, in “Likes,” in “tweets” and in “Friends.” Your viral brand hums along the ever-expanding arms of today’s social networks and your employees, former employees, customers, partners, vendors, competitors and investors all play a role in its development.

It’s amazing but true that the brand that lives in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and in the millions of smaller networks fueling social media’s growth today has a profound role in talent recruitment. The very best candidates and today’s skilled professionals will learn your brand through their own social networks. The more positive buzz circulating through the social media sphere, the more your business will attract smart, ambitious and innovative thinkers.

Helping businesses navigate an evolving recruitment landscape and the social media tools that shape it, Harvey Nash Plc is one of only a handful of global recruitment firms that grew in recent years. That success is one of the reasons Harvey Nash has been selected as a finalist for a Grant Thornton Mid-Cap Business of the Year, one of the annual National Business Awards handed out in the UK.

We are extremely proud of our growth and believe that staying ahead of innovations like social media and attuned to the quickly changing landscape of the IT industry have been essential to our success. I invite you to read these insights from our global CEO, Albert Ellis, as he explains the power of a strong viral brand and its increasingly important role in recruitment today.