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Harvey Nash -- Far Ahead of the Outsourcing Curve

In the world of technology and innovation, being first can make you a legend. Consider the Wright brothers or Steve Jobs, who (despite fields of contemporaries working and succeeding at the same time) became household names because they were “the first.”

My industry, the IT services industry, may not be the staging ground for grandiose legend-making, but we at Harvey Nash continue to innovate far ahead of the industry pack. Take for example offshoring. A decade ago when IT services businesses were flocking to India as a place to deliver lower-cost solutions, Harvey Nash decided to go to Vietnam. Today, we run three world-class development centers in Vietnam that employ more than 2,000 IT specialists.

As Paul Smith, Harvey Nash Global Managing Director-IT Outsourcing, writes in his blog, Harvey Nash was “literally the first offshore software development company to open up” in Vietnam. Now global powerhouses like Intel, IBM and Microsoft are today heading to Vietnam and advisory firm PWC just named Vietnam an offshoring destination of choice over India and China.

But rather than rest on our laurels, we continue to push forward and innovate. In the U.S. marketplace, our latest push forward was last week’s acquisition of Atlanta-based TechDiscovery. With TechDiscovery, we have achieved our vision of becoming a full and comprehensive “Right Shore” IT services provider. The addition of TechDiscovery’s proven onshore development, deployment, integration and maintenance solutions means that Harvey Nash can now deliver the full spectrum of IT services on the shore that makes the best business sense for our clients. It’s what’s called the Right Shore approach to IT services delivery.

Again, we are in very good company as we strengthen our IT professional services capabilities within Atlanta’s technology hub. Leading IT services businesses are expanding in this area of the U.S. Take for example Wipro Technologies’ recent announcement that it will soon open a software development center in Atlanta. Wipro Technologies’ U.S. expansion underscores the importance of being able to deliver services in locations that best suit each customer’s specific timeline, budget and resource and management needs.

From Vietnam to across the U.S. to right inside the IT departments of our clients, Harvey Nash is equipped and resourced to deliver world-class IT application, infrastructure, consulting and staffing services to a global clientele. We have chosen to expand our capabilities onshore because it is our belief that today’s businesses will always need a range of delivery options (onsite, offsite, nearshore and offshore) due to changing business strategies, timelines and budgets as well as the dynamic nature of the global marketplace.

And while this expansion is a milestone for Harvey Nash, we are not slowing down one bit. Stay tuned for more innovations to come…Harvey Nash is always on the move.