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CEO Blogs: Bring Them On

Yesterday’s Sunday, July 30th, 2006 NY Times article “All the Internet’s a Stage. Why Don’t CEOs Use It?” posits a timely question. As we see many corporate managers enter the blogsphere, there clearly is a lack of entries from the very top: CEOs of the Fortune 1K. Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems is a notable exception as witnessed by his ongoing industry dialogue at Jonathon’s Blog.

Why the lack of participation?

Maybe it is because CEOs are overly cautious of what might get put into print these days, or perhaps they are not at ease writing their own entries. But whatever the case, it is refreshing to see the leader of an organization comfortable and confident enough in his own skin to have an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. At Harvey Nash, our C.E.O., Albert Ellis, has not only started his own journal, but has also encouraged many of us to do the same.

Journals by CEOs can provide an un-sanitized view of the CEOs observations and thinking. Clearly this could present some pitfalls; however, I think overall the good will out balance the bad. We at Harvey Nash think blogging is the way of the future and a good way to communicate both internally and externally. Perhaps in time, this medium will become the norm, instead of the exception.