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It Takes Action, Not Acting

Over the course of my technology career, I have received a lot of advice from mentors and business leaders on how to get ahead. One common bit of guidance I've heard is this: "fake it till you make it." To me, the adage always meant that I should pretend to have confidence when embracing a workplace challenge and, in time, true confidence will follow. Act confident and eventually you will be confident. As I consider findings from the recent Harvey Nash Women in Tech survey, I am reconsidering the fundamental message in that mantra, which I don't think is quite right. Perhaps "acting" is not what is important but the action itself is what matters. Should women be acting or taking action?

First 100 Days in the CDO Role

The "first 100 days" may be a famed transition period for new U.S. presidents, but isn't it also a valid time frame for almost any senior leader to lay the groundwork for success? In my two-part blog "First 100 days in the CDO role" featured on, I explore what CDOs have to get right early.

Creativity, Security Savvy & Diversity

What You Need to Succeed as a CIO Today

On October 31, KPMG and Harvey Nash hosted a webinar to which 600+ IT and business professionals registered to hear about the complex and changing role of the CIO. Why would so many, on a Halloween Monday no less, be eager to listen? For two reasons. First, we were sharing key findings from the Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, the world's largest IT leadership survey. Second, my KMPG co-host and our two guest speakers are pioneering thought leaders who are working to shape the digital business landscape of tomorrow:

Brad Strock, Chief Information Officer, PayPal
Javier Campos, Group Chief Technology Officer, Kantar - WPP
Lisa Heneghan, Partner & Global Head of CIO Advisory - KPMG

The What's Now and What's Next for Digital

As we begin Q4, many business leaders are taking a hard, realistic look at what digital transformation has meant in their organizations and across their industries. How are competitors succeeding and where are they falling behind? How are customers behaving? What trends shaped the digital and business landscape in 2016 and what should we expect for digital in 2017? Take a look in my full blog, "The What's Now and What's Next for Digital" featured on

Overcrowding in the C-suite

Remember when the C-suite was a simple, uncrowded place? There was a CEO with business strategy, growth and vision responsibility, and a CFO who oversaw the financial side of the business. Rounding it out, there was (sometimes) a COO who managed operations. And that was often it -- a small trio of leaders who shared the job of driving the business forward. Today's packed C-suites look quite different. In my new blog, featured on, I explore whether we've hit "peak C-role" in the drive to digital dominance. Continue reading "Overcrowding in the C-suite."

The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 4

The million dollar question: what should the future IT workforce be prepared for? i.c.stars President & Co-founder Sandee Kastrul and I discuss it in the 4th and final part of our Q & A, "The C-Suite and the Future."

Please also catch up on Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 if you missed them.

The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 3

Which two roles in the C-Suite are the dynamic duo in the fight against disruption? And who helps push them to be better? i.c.stars President & Co-founder Sandee Kastrul and I discuss it in Part 3 of our 4-part Q & A, "How the C-Suite Combats Disruption."

You can also catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.

Digital Success Starts With Digital Health

The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 2

The Evolution of the C-Suite: Part 1

In a new 4-part discussion between i.c.stars President & Co-founder Sandee Kastrul and myself, we explore the evolution of the C-Suite. Part 1 focuses on what I feel is the most important insight into how the C-Suite is changing. Read "Introducing the Chief Digital Officer" here.

Look who's coming for the CEO role

Digital touches all areas of the business - operations, finance, marketing, sales, customer engagement, and IT. With experience in all of these areas, the Chief Digital Officer is brilliantly positioned for the CEO shortlist.

i.c. stars Highlights Disruption in the C-Suite

Putting a pretty fabulous spin on the traditional mixer, i.c. stars held a one-of-a-kind learning event on earlier this month: CXO Disrupt 2016. Anyone familiar with i.c. stars--an organization dedicated to preparing low-income Chicago youth for technology careers--knows to expect amazing things from the innovative team that leads it. Nevertheless, I didn't expect an evening dedicated to examining the convergence of IT and marketing to kick off with a mixology contest. And I really didn't expect to compete!

You're Competent, So Be Confident!

One leadership trait matters more than any other for women looking to work, advance and lead within the technology sector. Five accomplished female tech leaders discussed that trait in Seattle, at ARA's  recent event "Conversations with Women in the Mobile Movement."

Good news! A tech role where women are gaining ground

The role of chief digital officer (CDO) is opening the door to the c-suite for women. Both strategic and technical, the CDO role is one that women appear to be fully embracing.

The Transformative Power of Digital Innovation

In each of the past three years, Harvey Nash Australia has hosted a digital innovation event, bringing together some of Australia's brightest minds to explore the impact of digital on our jobs, our businesses and our lives.

This, our fourth year, was another standout event. With participation from more than 150 business, technology and digital leaders, our discussion was led by an outstanding panel of experts:

CDOs in NYC: 10 Takeaways from Today's Change Agents

Who doesn't love New York in spring? I may be a blatantly biased New Yorker, but let me assure you that the season of new beginnings in New York made for the perfect backdrop for the April 27 CDO Summit.

What I enjoyed most about this intense day-long session of learning and strategy sharing with Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) and IT leaders was it felt just like a day in the city.

Spend a day out in New York City and your senses are bombarded with information--sounds, sights and smells. Spend a day with clever, pioneering digital leaders and you are overwhelmed with new knowledge and perspectives.

The Meteoric Rise of the #CDOCareer

Thumbnail image for Register for CDO Summit.jpg
On April 27, 2016, I will join Chief Digital Officers from some of the biggest organizations in the world as they gather in my hometown of New York City for the CDO Summit.

As I prepare to address this audience of business and IT leaders, I find myself astonished at how the role and work of the CDO is reshaping strategic leadership at incredible speed. Does your business have a CDO today? If not, check again tomorrow.

That's how fast the digital marketplace is re-organizing how we work and lead.