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Getting Down Under with the CIO Point of View

For the past 16 years, we've been capturing the CIO point of view through our annual CIO survey. Reflecting the opinions of more than 3,200 IT leaders around the world, I think this year's survey may actually be the biggest IT leadership survey EVER conducted.

Is It Raining?

Do you ever have days when you are so focused on doing your job that you totally miss what's going on outside your office? If you're like me, you spend a lot of time in the air at 30,000 feet, but you also have some days when you are attached to a phone or a screen all day. I could tell you what's happening in Hong Kong or Seattle but not necessarily whether it's raining outside my door. Even when we are totally plugged in, it's easy to miss the bigger picture. That's one of the reasons why Harvey Nash periodically takes the pulse of the industry. We have been surveying IT leaders for years with our annual CIO survey. More recently, we started surveying the broader world of technology professionals. Combined, we annually survey more than 5,000 IT professionals to gather their insights on the work they do and where they see the industry moving.

The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer

Working in the technology industry for longer than I'd like to admit, I've seen the evolution of the IT function and the people supporting it. To me, one of the more exciting happenings right now is the rising number of chief digital officers (CDOs). This position has doubled every year for nearly a decade, signaling the growing importance and potential transformative power of the chief digital officer. Yet when I talk to companies here in the U.S. and in AsiaPac, there is much ambiguity surrounding the goals, purpose, scope and applicability of the CDO role.

Tips for Building a Sharper, Mobile-Savvy Help Desk

According to the newly released 2014 Harvey Nash CIO Survey, mobility is the #1 area where CIOs plan to invest and innovate in the year ahead. In fact, 65% of CIOs say they will increase their mobile innovation investment over the year prior. Even more mobility? To anyone working in IT maintenance and help desk/IT support organizations, this is no surprise at all.

From mobile phones to tablets and laptops, every employee leverages a mini-arsenal of tools to get work done. The flood of mobile technologies (corporate owned or BYOD) into the workplace has doubled, if not tripled, the workload for help desks everywhere.

While hiring lots of new staff is one way to address rising mobile support demands, most businesses are still operating with very limited hiring budgets that rarely extend into IT maintenance and IT infrastructure divisions. Instead, IT support/help desk managers have to be creative in building sharper, mobile savvy help desks and here are several ways it can be done:

Can the Help Desk Win from Behind?

Examining Key Questions from HDI 2014

The end of March saw me enjoying a whole different kind of "Madness." It was the 2014 HDI Conference and Expo where basketball courts and college fans were nowhere in sight but that sports trope of "coming from behind" was on my mind consistently.

basketball through net.jpg

Born Leaders, Built Leaders: Rudy Giuliani & Transformative Leadership

If the term "natural born leader" ever applied to anyone, it would be Rudy Giuliani -- the distinguished former mayor of New York City and the keynote speaker at Harvey Nash's 4th Annual Leadership Lecture. Giuliani is a famously bold political leader. 

The New Norm: Embracing Disruption

Whether you view digital disruption as evolutionary or revolutionary, we are all in the midst of it. 

How Do We Best Advance Women in IT? Networking, Mentoring or a Combination of Both?

The challenge and the beauty of bringing a group of industry and thought leaders together is how quickly the room fills with ideas--both conflicting and congruent ones.