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The New Norm: Embracing Disruption

Whether you view digital disruption as evolutionary or revolutionary, we are all in the midst of it. 

Some of us are struggling to figure out how to make it fit our current reality; others of us, how to reconfigure ourselves and our businesses to create the most value out of this new reality. Last week, I was privileged to run the 2nd annual Sydney event with Bridget Gray and rub elbows with 120 of the brightest digital disrupters when they gathered in Sydney for the annual Harvey Nash APAC Digital Event. Billed as 'The New Normal - Embracing Disruption," the evening offered an engaging platform for discussing the forces transforming our digital world.

We kicked it off by sharing the results of our 2014 Digital Pulse Survey. That was followed by a panel discussion that focused on the opportunities and challenges that digital disruption can and is having on changing markets. For those who missed the live event, we captured some bits and pieces that offer a taste of what was so thoroughly enjoyed by those who participated. Click here to view a few selected interviews and photos.

Everything I heard that evening energized me. The amazing digital landscape is creating exciting opportunities for new business growth, new skills and new leaders. Out of all this, we have seen the rise of the Chief Digital Officer. What lies ahead for the occupant of this new chair in the C-suite? Is the CDO the chief disrupter or the chief wrangler? A particularly compelling question is, where do the CIO, CTO and CMO fit in, especially when you consider the results from our 2014 Digital Pulse Survey which saw that marketing now has nearly 100% responsibility for the digital strategy, which just last year was owned 50/50 by IT and marketing? Is there room for all of these roles? Will they be collaborators or competitors? It's something we are sure to be talking about lots more in the future. What do you think?