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Harvey Nash Wins Three More Coveted IT Awards

Harvey Nash has won three prestigious awards in Vietnam for excellence of quality in software development and BPO (business process outsourcing).

This is the sixth successive year that Harvey Nash has been honored with these sought after awards.

The three gold medals (Sao Khue) were awarded to Harvey Nash with the highest qualification for:

• Outstanding Software Development and Outsourcing Services
• Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing Services
• Innovation in Applications Software Implementation

It's great to see the highly deserved recognition for our Harvey Nash Vietnam team; I have seen firsthand their technical ability and commitment to excellence is unparalleled.

As a software development and outsourcing partner, it is always good to win an award for excellence and quality, but to win these exceptional awards SIX YEARS in a row shows a level of professionalism and dedication to excellence that must be almost unparalleled in our industry.

Imagine the sports teams that have shown similar dominance, year after year, title after title; the 1970's Pittsburg Steelers or the 1980's San Francisco 49ers.

Before I get accused of bias I should point out that neither of these are 'my' team (Go Giants!), but putting personal allegiances aside, most fans recognize the legendary and repeated success of these teams, passing them down from generation to generation as being at the pinnacle of their profession.

So to my colleagues in Vietnam, the legendary six-time Sao Khue winning team, CONGRATULATIONS on your sixth year of success!

In Australia, another sports-mad country where I spend a lot of my time growing the Harvey Nash international technology solutions business, there is a similar attitude towards the culture of 'winning' teams. For example the 1990's and early 2000's national cricket team were unbeaten in the Ashes cricket tournament from 1989 until 2005, an incredible 16 year winning streak against old rivals England.

'Winning' in technology solutions also doesn't happen overnight, it comes from a daily commitment to excellence and exceeding client expectations, from building day-by-day, month-by-month and year-on-year, a reputation for quality and reliability that comes from great management, professional processes, a lot of teamwork and a huge amount of personal hard work.

Vince Lombardi, who led the Green Bay Packers to Super Bowl glory in 1967 and 1968, said "winning is not a some-time thing; it's an all-time thing."

So THANK YOU to everyone at Harvey Nash Vietnam for your 'all-time' efforts and belief in our shared goal, to deliver world class software development and outsourced technology solutions. You make us all proud, and I hope that future generations of technologists will talk about you as the 'Giants' of your profession (okay, no more football puns I promise!).