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BYOD: Is It Ending or Only Just Beginning?

Is Personal Mobile Technology in the Workplace a Threat or Asset?

Just as I was reading a headline in InformationWeek about the predicted end of BYOD (bring your own device) trends in the workplace, I was sent another article on the very same topic. It offered stats showing how employees in emerging markets and high-growth fields are more willing to participate in BYOD.

An Open Source Advantage

...for Small & Mid-size Businesses

Our CIO Forum in Denver this September had a different feel when I compare it to our other nationwide forums. Was it the mile-high altitude affecting this lowlander? No, it was not the thin air making my mind spin.

The Futility of Comparing IT to a Utility

In recent weeks, I have been sharing some of the common topics of our fall series of CIO forums across the U.S. and the ideas and debates they inspired. During both the Chicago and New York forums, a topic we all know well, "IT as a commodity versus IT as a value driver," came up in a couple of ways. The headline of this blog will tell you where I stand and where the majority of our CIO Forum audiences stood as well.

Talent or Education Shortage? Which Is It?

Just recently I posted insights gathered from the Harvey Nash CIO Forums in Chicago and New York. In both cities, IT leaders and our CIO panelists had quite a lot to say about the IT talent shortage. Their words were echoed in the Northwest on September 18 when Washington-based IT leaders joined us for an exploration of the 2012 Harvey Nash CIO Survey results.

Confronting IT's Unknowns

Insights from Harvey Nash's CIO Survey Forum Events

Last week I had the challenge and the pleasure of leading two back-to-back Harvey Nash CIO Survey Forums. One in New York on September 12th and one in Chicago the following day. The executive panels, detailed below, consisted of leading thinkers and doers in business, technology and academia.

The DNA of Innovative CIOs

The 2012 Harvey Nash CIO Survey is rich with insights from technology leaders on the most pivotal IT issues facing business today. With almost three-quarters of CIOs believing their organizations need to embrace new technology or lose market share, they have clearly elevated innovation as a critical competitive differentiator for business. Not so surprising. Innovation today means "business." Innovation is the way in which companies and people are creatively transforming technology to make their businesses unique, and as a result, more effective, more profitable, better known and better able to beat the competition. If innovation is so important, then it stands to reason that the most innovative CIOs will have the inside track on helping their organizations achieve industry leadership.

Global Business Can Be Hilarious

Why Ketchup Isn't Ketchup & Other Adventures in Cross-Cultural Confusion

Over and over again we hear how every business today is a "global business." You've likely heard the line that "the world is getting smaller." I have heard it so often that I am fairly sure the whole wide world will fit right into my pocket by this time next year.

Women in Tech: A Story of Under-Representation?

The Harvey Nash CIO Survey has once again gripped the marketplace with insights into the challenges, changes and opportunities facing today's IT leaders. This year, one of the biggest stories of the survey points to a lack of representation of the number of women in IT leadership. Here are just a handful of the many articles the survey has sparked on the topic:

Harvey Nash Wins Three Coveted IT Awards in Vietnam

One of the many rewards of working for a global company is witnessing the success of our teams across the world. I am doubly excited about the three Sao Khue Awards recently given to our Harvey Nash Vietnam offices because I have seen firsthand the tremendous technical brilliance, pride of work, commitment to excellence and camaraderie that define our Vietnam offices and colleagues.

Global Teambuilding: How Bowling Brings Us Together

My bowling scores have never crossed 100. Laser tag, however, I take seriously and am quite a competitor. When it comes to pool, I can manage though I enjoy the social aspect more than anything else. But these games are not something I would typically run out to do with my friends. In fact, I rarely thought of them as something I would want to do at all until I started spending extended time in Vietnam.