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The DNA of Innovative CIOs

The 2012 Harvey Nash CIO Survey is rich with insights from technology leaders on the most pivotal IT issues facing business today. With almost three-quarters of CIOs believing their organizations need to embrace new technology or lose market share, they have clearly elevated innovation as a critical competitive differentiator for business. Not so surprising. Innovation today means "business." Innovation is the way in which companies and people are creatively transforming technology to make their businesses unique, and as a result, more effective, more profitable, better known and better able to beat the competition. If innovation is so important, then it stands to reason that the most innovative CIOs will have the inside track on helping their organizations achieve industry leadership.

So how do you develop the vision, insight and creativity to transform technology into market opportunity? That is a topic I recently explored in an article for ICOSA magazine.


To understand the profile of transformative technology leaders, the Harvey Nash CIO Survey examined the traits of CIO innovators. Business leaders first and foremost, they must demonstrate ambition, influence, job fulfillment, boldness and progressive thinking. Those who have been most successful in cultivating innovation and driving transformative change are able to balance both new-economy skills and old-school technology smarts. They understand the business today, but are willing to embrace a radically different tomorrow.

To shed light on how individuals can become transformative CIOs and businesses can identify them, we compiled ten lessons and best practices of IT leaders and business innovators gleaned from the CIO Survey.

While a core principle of innovation is to be unique and original, it never hurts to study those you wish to emulate. Every one of the top 10 innovations of the 21st Century, (which, granted, is little more than a decade old itself), is a technology product or a product of technology. So whether you work in IT or any other field, there is gold to be gathered from the practices of innovative CIOs and almost 90 years of opportunity ahead to become one of the innovators of the 21st Century yourself.

To learn what we learned from some of the world's most innovative and visionary CIOs, check out the complete article, entitled "Ten Lessons from Digital Innovators."