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Bob Dylan & Me: Change Can Rock

Last week, I wrote a blog about how my road warrior business tools have changed pretty dramatically and in very good ways. The once pure PC me is now an iPad-toting Apple enthusiast, and I am all the more productive for it.

And now I am seeing change everywhere. This week news outlets around the world wrote about a big change for iconic 1960s musician and poet Bob Dylan. Known for fierce opposition to the Vietnam War decades ago, Dylan will appear in concert for the very first time in Vietnam this April.

Few people write about change better than Dylan who penned the classic, "Times They are a Changin." This moment marks an important shift in the global image for Vietnam, a country that for a long time lived in the shadow of that war. Dylan's appearance is an important milestone for a nation that with great perseverance has shifted from global isolation to a bright, dynamic economy the world is eager to embrace.

Times, they are a changing, it's true. Whether it's me from PC to iPad, Dylan from protestor to supporter, or Vietnam from isolation to global embrace. Too often change is too slow and too painful. But sometimes, change can mean celebration. So rock your heart out Mr. Dylan...this is change worth celebrating. Here's hoping to catch one of your shows next time I visit Harvey Nash's Vietnam offices.