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Offshore Adventures - From Australia to Vietnam

I have spoken many times at conferences and here in this blog on the importance of achieving strong cultural understanding in any offshoring partnership. Anyone who works in international business can tell you that simple things, from how you greet colleagues to how birthdays are celebrated in offices, vary widely from culture to culture. Understanding cultural differences big and small is a vital part of building high-performing teams who work well together.

CIO Roundtable in Silicon Valley - A Collaborative Affair

On September 23rd, Harvey Nash and PA Consulting Group conducted a thoughtful executive-level learning and networking event in Silicon Valley. In lieu of our annual panel discussion, which features a handful of standout CIOs, we formulated an afternoon based on the direct input of local CIOs. This year's event broke up the 54 CIO attendees into small groups of about eight to conduct roundtable discussions on the topics that were most pertinent to them. These included:

CIOs Speak Out - Insights into the CIO Mind-set

During the week of September 20th, Harvey Nash and PA Consulting Group went on a road show across the U.S. and conducted three CIO Forums. More than 75 IT leaders joined us in New York, Seattle and Denver to examine critical issues and learn from their peers. Attending each of the events, I heard firsthand what IT leaders are focusing on, striving for and frustrated with at this uniquely challenging time for businesses.

Using Agile On- and Offshore: It Can Work!

On June 22, Harvey Nash hosted one of our most popular Webinar's to date. More than 170 busy IT leaders, managers and developers joined online as we presented the challenges and opportunities of using Agile to develop software with blended onshore and offshore teams.

Ways IT Can Contribute to Business Efficiency and Growth

Tips from New Jersey CIOs

On June 29, Harvey Nash hosted its 2010 CIO Survey U.S. Launch Event in Princeton, New Jersey. While the Harvey Nash CIO Survey is now more than a decade old, this is the first year we have been able to simultaneously analyze both a global perspective (2,500 IT leaders from around the world completed the survey) and a local market perspective (more than 75 New Jersey-based CIOs completed the survey). It's not every day that you have the chance to explore global IT issues while hearing firsthand how they are currently affecting IT organizations — in this case IT organizations in New Jersey.

Help Desk Excellence, People Versus Processes

One of my favorite topics of debate in help desk management is people versus processes. Like the age-old chicken or the egg question, professionals in my industry have strong opinions as to whether talented people or excellent processes make the fundamental difference in a help desk's success. Let's face it, just like the chicken and the egg, both are vital. However, I have always felt that skilled, thoughtful help desk team members can overcome just about any challenge. I tend to come down on the people-side of the debate.

HDI Conference Leaves Attendees with Extra Vigor

Harvey Nash Shares Help Desk and Sourcing Strategy Best Practices

I have to say, after 10 years of attending the HDI Annual Conference and Expo, the 2010 event left me with an extra pep in my step. The spring weather certainly helps in that regard, but the caliber of this conference and energy around sharing useful, valuable information in a non-biased fashion was truly invigorating. We've all left conferences feeling like it was "so-so." Not this time. HDI sets the industry standard for running a show, and together with the information I gathered throughout the conference, which by the way attracted more than 1,000 attendees--my colleagues should be warned, I came away armed with plenty of new ideas and best practices to put into action!

10 Tips for Multisourcing Success

You can't argue the fact that multisourcing--using several internal and external (outsourced or contract-based) resources to tackle an IT initiative(s)--is a strong strategy for tapping into outstanding outside expertise and resources. It's also a proven way to increase operational performance. While the multisourcing approach has been around for quite some time, it has increased in relevancy in the last 18 months. Why? For several reasons: political stability can change quickly if you have an exclusive relationship with an offshore vendor, making what seemed like a solid choice suddenly questionable; multisourcing lends to greater flexibility and the opportunity to take advantage of fast-moving technology developments; it gives you the ability to take advantage of specialized expertise with multiple vendors; and frankly, it creates a level of healthy competition that ultimately benefits the client.