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Big Day: Meeting with the President of Vietnam

On Thursday September 24th I found myself in a very exclusive meeting room at the Citi building on Park Avenue in New York City for a private session with the President of Vietnam and some of his senior advisors.

NY/NJ IT Leaders Debate the Tried and True IT Issues

It seems two themes keep emerging in IT: justifying IT innovation and establishing a stronger connection between IT and the business. Why do these two "tried and true" themes continue to challenge IT executives and their business colleagues? Because both are incredibly important to the success of IT, yet we continue to spin our wheels trying to figure out how to move the concepts forward. In fact, these topics were heavily debated by an esteemed panel of senior IT leaders at the New York CIO Leadership Forum we hosted along with PA Consulting Group on October 15.

Making Offshore Seem Like It's in the Town Next Door

Our world is getting flatter by the minute. For me, it's not unusual to sit in my office here in New Jersey and host a GoToMeetingĀ® with a colleague in Vietnam. It's almost as if my associate is in an office in the next town over. Almost. And this sense of proximity leads me to what I believe to be an important message from my most recent Webinar, "How to Build a Global IT Team," -- the importance of realizing that from a distance perspective, the world is flat. However, from a communication perspective, it's a mountainous terrain.

Greatest Opportunity for Increasing IT Efficiency

Every IT leader today has at the very top of the old to-do list this daunting task: "Greatly Increase Operational Efficiency." IT, like all business groups today, needs to get leaner, meaner and more tightly aligned to business strategy.

CA/Silicon Valley Lessons: CIOs Share their Wisdom

My IT leadership tour of the country has continued into summer, and the most recent stop was on June 23rd in Mountain View, CA. In Silicon Valley, at the center of the Tech World, a panel of four, and 50 CIO/IT Executives gathered to discuss leadership, strategy, technology challenges and opportunities of greatest importance in these unique economic times.

IT Innovation: Like a Cake without Frosting

I don't know about you, but I think the best part about a delicious, moist cake is a rich and creamy frosting. Without it -- the cake in my mind is incomplete. Similarly, IT innovation is an exciting and thought-provoking concept. It gives companies permission to think out-of-the-box, brainstorm great ideas to overcome challenges and gain competitive advantage. But, without budget to support IT innovation -- it's just like a cake without frosting.

Recession Opportunities: Notes from Chicago's CIOs

On April 16, Harvey Nash hosted a CIO Forum and panel discussion in Chicago, Illinois. The panel tackled a number of big IT issues but the recession, not surprisingly, headlined the evening. However, the words of both the executive panel and the audience of IT leaders were not words of recession doom and gloom.

App Dev Productivity Measures: Can We Do More?

This week I had the pleasure and the challenge of hosting a Webinar on how businesses can set themselves up for success in an offshore engagement. If you know this blog, you know I love to talk about offshoring so my satisfaction in the event is easy to understand. The challenges came from the audience, a group of smart business leaders and professionals, who peppered me with thoughtful, tough questions.

Big Integrity Hits for Indian Outsourcing

The outsourcing industry has been rocked by the news of financial scandal at Satyam Computer Services Ltd, the massive India-based IT services provider. In the days since Satyam's chairman admitted to falsifying financial statements and overstating company assets by more than a billion dollars, I have received several invitations to urgent Webinars and meetings to discuss how this will affect BPO and IT services buyers, businesses, customers and investors.