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Hats Off to Hanoi

I am convinced that the people of Hanoi are among the most innovative bunch around. What I like about Vietnam today is the simplicity with which they make a great impact. Take the following quote from an article that appeared in the Seattle Times titled, "Who Needs Paris When We Have Hanoi?":

"Almost anyone can and does start a business. I stood on our balcony one morning and counted the kinds of roving shops people run from the backs of bicycles. I spotted bikes laden with teapots and kitchen utensils, plastic buckets, rattan baskets, flowers, baguettes, brooms and potted plants."

This tells us that these people are inventive, hard workers. They do what they need to do to get the job done. Harvey Nash is experiencing the same in our Hanoi-based office. Our team is maximizing these novel ideas together with business acumen to impact the results we deliver to clients.

Today Hanoi is a simple place. I hope the simplicity that has been the foundation of this country, and more specifically, Hanoi, still finds a place as this country continues to evolve. The post-Vietnam War baby boom and a fast-paced, free-market economy have already combined to make Hanoi one of Asia's best values.