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"My How You've Grown." Vietnam is a Country to Watch.

It's amazing to me that Vietnam has grown so much in such a short time. This country continues to impress the world with its great economic, technological and business growth. Technology giant IBM agrees, as proven by their decision to create a banking center of excellence in Hanoi.

Even as little as two years ago, when I was discussing the tremendous growth in Vietnam, most folks were unaware and quite surprised. I often found myself almost educating my audience on their progress. Back then, the media wasn't paying much attention to Vietnam as a future technology player. But now the focus has changed. With one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, second only to China, the world is closely watching the development of Vietnam and other similar-sized countries.

In my opinion, the world is Vietnam's oyster. According to the Business Monitor International, IT is considered one of the high-growth industries for Vietnam. It will be quite interesting to see what transpires as more companies like IBM invest in Vietnam's IT infrastructure and bring what by most accounts is a non-existent system, right up to speed with the best that technology has to offer.

This country is experiencing a sense of renewal -- with over 60 percent of their population under the age of 35, an eager workforce, pro-business policies that encourage foreign investment in the country, and political stability -- Vietnam is a country worth watching. Coupled with the fact that Vietnam currently attracts more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) than any other developing nation, second to China -- there's no telling what their role will be in the future growth of our world.