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My Prediction: U.S. CIOs to Agree with UK CIOs

This fall, the Harvey Nash CIO Survey of UK-based CIOs revealed that today's IT leaders see outsourcing as much more than a cost-cutting strategy. As the UK writer and outsourcing industry expert Mark Kobayashi-Hillary points out in his blog, the long-held promise that outsourcing will become a strategic business model may finally be turning into a reality.

Mexico and South America Need More Time

In the recent article "Time Zones Do Matter: Increasing Interest in Americas and Nearshore IT Services Delivery," Stephanie Overby discusses how Mexico and South American countries like Brazil are gradually gaining popularity as nearshore IT services destinations. The article discusses what research director for AMR Research, Dana Stiffler, calls "India and China fatigue."

Arizona Offshoring Insights

Just a few weeks ago I was in Arizona for a CIO Forum hosted by the Arizona Technology Council, Harvey Nash and KPMG. These events always produce great debates because a panel of local CIOs is invited to discuss key points of the Harvey Nash-KPMG CIO Survey. The Arizona event was no exception, and for the last two weeks I have being mulling over one of the most interesting offshoring arguments from the event.

Demand Innovation and Get It with the Right Outsourcing Provider

Last Friday's blog entry from Stephanie Overby on posited a great question: Is it realistic to look for innovation out of your outsourcer? I have my own opinion, and I say absolutely! Innovation should be part of the added value for which businesses turn to outsourcing partners. Businesses are looking to gain value not just body sourcing.

A Pre-ITIM 2007 Teaser from Harvey Nash

The fall season of IT and professional services conferences is gearing up. I for one am getting excited to discuss and debate big business issues like "open" innovation, outsourcing, offshoring, network security and more with peers from around the world.

Why Infrastructure Is Not Offshoring Material

On his blog "Talking Offshoring," Mark Kobayashi-Hillary, the leading UK-based offshore journalist and consultant, makes an outstanding point on the ever-growing importance of infrastructure. His comments were inspired after reviewing recent Datamonitor survey results that said most of the Europe-based CIOs and IT Directors in the survey would rather outsource their infrastructure to Eastern Europe than to India.

The Outsourcing Pendulum Swings Again: Are We Learning our Lessons?

It was a taboo to mention word outsourcing 15 or more years ago. Back then, outsourcing meant taking your IT department, ripping it out of your facility and giving it to the IBMs or EDS' of the world to run.

Losing My Purse & Gaining Respect in Vietnam

I travel the world a lot and clearly a concern is always my personal safety. I am a woman who travels alone in foreign countries, which at times can be intimidating, especially with countries often in a "state of alert" and the constant worries of terrorism.

Everyone Is Investing in Vietnam: Insiders & Outsiders

It's exciting to be surrounded in good, positive global changes, which is where I find myself today here in Vietnam. A half a day away from home and still suffering from a week of jetlag, I am starting to get a sense of this village metropolis of Hanoi, where I am again working and visiting. Like all cities I love, Hanoi is both an overwhelming spectacle of a town (I am a New Yorker after all) and it is a village, with distinct neighborhoods and communities that are crawling with people of all ages. The city itself, which is rich in local culture and marked by growing foreign investment, is a reflection of how both internal and external forces are driving Vietnam's rapid marketplace evolution.

Coast to Coast CIO Chatter: What I'm Hearing from IT Leaders

In the last two months, I have had the privilege and the challenge of traveling across the country to speak to CIOs nationwide. As part of the rollout of the Harvey Nash CIO Survey, we host local market CIO events and panels to discuss key issues in IT issues and leadership.

The Flattened Globe of Globalization

The buzz Thomas L. Friedman created over the last year and a half with his book The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century is more than just buzz, in my opinion.

Beyond Cost Considerations: An Intellectual Look at Offshore Opportunity

According to the latest A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, labor cost advantages should not be the deciding factor in choosing an offshore provider or location. While A.T. Kearney predicts that wages in offshore locations will remain lower "for the foreseeable future," they are starting to rise.

Unmeasured Outsourcing Deals: Why, Why, Why?!

Just last week, KPMG released survey data, which showed that a significant number of businesses worldwide are not using an official process to measure the value and success of their outsourcing engagements. In fact, 42% of respondents to the survey said they did not use a formal strategic measurement framework.

The Simple Side of Outsourcing

I was just at the IAOP 2007 Outsourcing World Summit conference in Las Vegas, and the main topics of discussion were these two: What do you outsource or offshore? What is the outsourcing life cycle?

Does that sound remedial? Too elementary for a global conference on a mature business solution? Not too me. Yes, we've been discussing these same topics "at nauseaum" for years. But for me, these topics are timeless. Why? Business so few businesses get them right.

Cheap Deals Are Never a Bargain in Outsourcing

All business people know that in the early sales process sometimes you have to give a little at the beginning so you can win more from the client down the road. You give a new client a taste of your expertise and service at discounted prices to start and very quickly they will be ready to pay more as they understand the value you deliver.

Outsourcing: It's All About People

Where are outsourcing deals going wrong? According to a new survey from KPMG, it's not because service levels are not being met. It's because relationships are breaking down. In Computerworld's recent summary of the survey titled, "Survey: Failed outsourcing deals blamed on people, not SLAs," the fact that outsourcing is a people business becomes quickly apparent.

India's Peaking But We've Only Just Begun in Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil,....

It's a New Year and a new day for outsourcing and offshoring. Everywhere you read these days, outsourcing experts a trying to identify the "peak talent" moment for India or the point when there are no longer enough skilled professionals in the Indian marketplace and salaries are rising too fast due to make outsourcing to India cost effective. In my opinion, we have hit peak talent in India now that salaries are rising 12-20% annually and several companies are noting talent recruitment challenges.