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U.S. Facing a "Dearth of IT Employees"

You've heard it time and again that an IT talent shortage in the U.S. is pending. Well the pending is over and the shortage is here according to a senior government official. Robert Cresanti, the U.S. undersecretary of commerce for technology, told eWEEK that "The IT work force is not skilled enough and almost never can be skilled enough."

In the article titled, "U. S. Technology Czar Says More IT Workers Needed," Cresanti explains that enrollment of engineering student is far too low at universities and colleges nationwide. Cresanti spelled out the steps he believes the U.S. needs to make in order to stay competitive in the IT arena: boost enrollment in engineering programs, open up the doors to more foreign workers and speed up the processing of student visas.

To Mr. Cresanti's excellent list of initiatives, I would, not surprisingly, add the following: increase strategic offshoring. I am clearly an advocate for offshoring. After all, this blog is dedicated to writing about offshoring and outsourcing issues. However, I am also an advocate of American business innovation and in order to remain world leaders, we need to tap into top skills globally. Leading businesses work with the best most cost effective providers of goods and services, which is exactly what the offshoring movement is about: putting the best skills to work for your business.

Innovation cannot be put on-hold until engineering enrollments rise and work and student visa practices change. American ingenuity must push forward and with offshore skills playing a supporting role in the development and quality assurance of technology innovations, the U.S. can and will maintain its role as a leading light in the technology world.