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Where Is Asia Outsourcing To?

India has been the dominant outsourcing hub for the West for a decade now. But where does Asia outsource to? Technology powerhouse Japan is looking around its high-tech neighborhood and, rather than diving into the high-cost Chinese marketplace, is begin to send more and more offshore development to Vietnam.

The rapidly emerging Vietnamese IT marketplace has captured much of the IT world's attention. Today there are 600 software companies in Vietnam and that number is growing. Here's an interesting global snippet on Japan's extensive offshore development needs, and Vietnam's strategic plan for meeting those needs in the years ahead.

For IT professionals and business, the world has truly become a vast and diverse marketplace. Not only are the systems and tools we use built all over the world, but now the minds and skills we tap are truly without borders. I have to say that I am re-energized by the global nature of the technology field and what outsourcing/offshoring can do for all industries, whether they are in Japan, Vietnam, the U.S., Brazil or Dubai. Outsourcing and offshoring allows us to cross borders and merge ideas and intellects among cultures. That's what I call progress!