Event Recording- Mental Health within the Tech Industry

October's talk is all about mental health in the tech industry. We address key issues that we're all sure to have faced during lockdown and even now post-lockdown. As Harvey Nash Technology and Talent Study found a 75% increase in mental health concerns during the pandemic this event topic area couldn't be more relevant nor important to discuss.

We will be joined by Rob Kendal, Alexandra 'Lex' Lofthouse and Kirsten Edmondson. With the following three talks:

- "Knowing Your Worth: Don’t Set Yourself On Fire To Keep Others Warm" by Alexandra 'Lex' Lofthouse of JH.

- "Fighting Imposter Syndrom as a Developer" by Rob Kendal of VoiceFoundry

- "Life Hacks: organising chaos" by Kirsten Edmondson, Head of Development - De La Rue

Followed by an interactive Q&A session aimed at sharing experiences, tips and knowledge. To attend our next tech space_ event or if you would be interested in being part of the panel, get in touch with Usman Shahid, James Westwood or contact us through our meet up page.