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Harvey Nash Belgium Professional Services model

Life Sciences Contract Management

Contract Administration and Document Management

Whether you are a large multinational or an SME you can face increasingly complex legislation that directly affects your ability to do business.

We make sure that every temporary or contingent worker you engage is compliant as well as taking responsibility for the contractual relationships with suppliers. Our market-leading tools and processes mean we manage, collate and store the necessary myriad of legal documentation in a safe and effective way.

The quality of the service is guaranteed by an SLA and a pre-defined set of KPI’s. Over the last decade, many clients and thousands of contractors have benefited from the Harvey Nash Contractor Services Model.


  • Manage third party contracts
  • Provide fully compliant contracts to minimise risk of tax liability, employee rights or dept transfer
  • Access existing contracts and advise on compliance aspects


  • Standardise administration or multiple payment arrangements
  • Provide electronic tools for timesheet & invoice management
  • Batch invoicing brings multiple invoices into single monthly Invoice

Supplier Management

  • Manage non-preferred suppliers – maintain access to niche suppliers
  • Provide consultation & advice on preferred supplier utilisation

Why Contract Management of Harvey Nash?

When you are using Contract Management of Harvey Nash than you will find one party that guarantees for all communication, administration and financial handling with all possible suppliers.

This offers the following advantages:

  • Better control of the hiring process
  • A process which is more efficient, flexible and transparent
  • Administrative simplification
  • Reducing the number of links in the hiring process
  • Better access to the best match with the requested profile
  • Local presence
  • Cost reduction of the total effort

Moreover the supplier is paying the minimal costs so it is a free service for the customer.

How does the process work?

Companies who need external staff often rely on their so-called "preferred suppliers" because the recruitment process for specialists is much easier this way. This way of working has many advantages but also some major drawbacks. The flexibility is greatly reduced, and companies are increasingly dependent on a few players on the market. Moreover, we also see that the preferred suppliers can not fill in all their applications. Which means that nevertheless they count again on the non-preferred suppliers. Meanwhile there is a lot of time lost and the launch of key projects might be in jeopardy.

Harvey Nash believes that only preferred suppliers can be an advantage but only in the company of a matcher.

Harvey Nash offers a concept in which you can deal quite flexible as a company with the hiring of specialists.