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Harvey Nash Belgium Professional Services model

IT & Engineering Onsourcing

The entire procurement process to engage temporary workers is long and not easy. Harvey Nash is specialized in this matter and offers their customers internal help.

Is your recruitment process long and complicated? Does it need to be reviewed or improved? Or do you just want some help with the entire process from experienced people? Maybe you simply want help with the administrative part?

Harvey Nash knows the entire flow very well. We have seen it on a daily basis with our customers and we have seen which systems work better than others.

On top we are experts dealing with the entire process ourselves. Finding and selecting CV's, organising interviews, dealing with PO's, Contracts, Rate negotiations, contractual terms and conditions. That is all part of our daily job.

When customers choose for our onsourcing model they will get onsite help from Harvey Nash. This could go from administrative help unto handling the entire process and even offering the software, if needed.