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Let us explain what we do

Harvey Nash Belgium Professional Services model

IT & Engineering Local Projects

Team4Talent is specialized in Microsoft technologies, they hire local talents, they train and coach them to a higher technical level and offer this exceptional quality to their customers.

T4T excels in technologies based on the Microsoft .NET technology stack such as .NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, Dynamics etc. T4T is founded and led by technical people, being on the same level with the consultants and having a better understanding of their needs and goals is key to making the difference every day again!

Team4Talent is an IT company with a strong focus on HR: our people are our most valuable asset. A lot of effort is put into training, coaching and entertaining the consultants. This way, a truly motivating environment is created for our consultants which gives an enormous added value for the customers.

Team4Talent offers dedicated services in a single technical domain: we excel in temporary or permanent staffing, consulting, specialized classes and software projects based on Microsoft .NET such as ASP.NET MVC, Webforms/ASP.NET, Winforms, WPF, Silverlight, Sharepoint, SQL Server, Azure, etc... with positions ranging from (agile!) management to architecture to development and support.

For our front-end development we will use less Microsoft products, there we use HTML5, CSS3, javascript, jquery, AngularJS or KnockoutJS, Twitter Bootstrap, BreezeJS, TypeScript.

Team4Talent delivers added value through these projects, after having years of experience we succeeded in fine tuning our T4T Factory, which defines our approach on doing projects. This success formula defines each step, each gate and like any other factory, it has the goal to deliver a quality final product ready to be used.