The Power Of Talent

What you as recruiting manager could do to help seal the deal

Finding the right candidate is not always easy and that is where we as a recruitment partner can help your company.

At Harvey Nash, we are specialized at identifying candidates and matching them to the right career opportunities and finding compatibility with the needs and wishes of our clients. We have a wide network of qualified candidates and while our strength lies in search, we also work with advertised recruitment, not only to identify candidates but often to highlight the opportunity and build employer brand. In any case, we need a good foundation to work on and good collaboration with our clients. In order to assist you as recruiting manager and especially in search assignments, to close a successful recruitment, we have listed a few tips below:

Think first
Before we as recruitment consultants start looking, we need to know what we are looking for, so it's important to do a proper analysis and think about what's needed. Is it a transformation you are looking for your candidate to achieve or is it more of managing existing teams and processes? It is also important to consider what really are requirements vs. what is meriting qualities. Your wishlist of requirements and qualities in your new employee must be reasonable, neither too narrow or broad. To attract good candidates who are motivated there needs to be a challenge in the role and opportunity you provide. Also, do not forget to decide from the start what people in your organization should interview the candidates and ultimately decide on the one you would make an offer to.

Time is a factor
Just like much else, the groundwork must be allowed to take some time ie. analysis and search. It's important that we as your partners are given the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your business through interviews with key stakeholders. This gives us the best possible prerequisite for representing you in a trustworthy way towards the market. Even if you place a recruitment with a consultant you need as recruiting manager to allocate time for meetings and to discuss different profiles throughout the process. When it comes to interviewing final candidates', it helps that you as a company already have a plan and have set aside time too meet with them. Make sure to schedule timeslots in calendars for anyone who will be interviewing the candidates in order to save time towards the end. Be sure to keep a tight schedule so that follow-up interviews, testing and so forth stays on track helping you close a deal quickly.

It's not just your choice
Today, it is the candidates' market, which means that often they are in multiple processes at the same time and that time is an important factor. It is also important to keep in mind that in processes with candidates who have not themselves applied for a role, for example by advertisement, it is not only you who choose them but they who will choose you too. Think about what the goal is with the interview, Prepare and read up on the candidate and decide in advance what you want to get out of the interview. Approach the interview with an open mind, listen and dare to ask supplementary questions. Think about what you as a company want to convey and give an honest picture of who you are. One way to get a good idea of the candidate can be to supplement the interview with a case. If you are unsure of a candidate it's better to meet one time too many.

Different is good
Dare to think outside the box. It is easy to choose someone who is similar to yourself but employing someone who is different can be good and give that extra boost that the company needs. Many people are looking for someone who tick all boxes on both requirements and qualifications from the wish list, who is between 35-40 years old and has experience of a similar role in the same industry. But is it all neccessary? Dare to include someone who is perhaps more senior than what the rest of the group is, or more junior. Perhaps someone from a completely different industry can come in with new eyes. Skills and understand of the organization can always be taught.

So keep in mind that:
1. See a recruitment as a collaboration
2. Set aside time from the beginning
3. See the interview as a dialogue
4. Hire for potential, train for skills

At Harvey Nash we have specialist knowledge in several functional areas and can act as advisors as well as provide you with access to a solid network of qualified candidates. If you have any questions about recruitment needs or development of existing talents in your organization, please feel free to contact us. I hope we will hear from you!

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