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What makes for an attractive workplace?

A healthy work environment that allows both business and people to grow creates a workplace that attracts good people. To build a profitable company, it is important to attract the right candidates and give them scope to develop.

As a company, you need to create the conditions for individuals to perform so that they in turn create a successful business. All companies are different but there are some basic things to consider.

A solid foundation
Just like when building a house, a company needs a good foundation. Without it, it will take a while, but sooner or later it will break and fall apart. To have a good value base to stand up for and live by is vital and it's not enough with fine words on a piece of paper. A company living its values will be able to attract people who also believe in these values to the company, thereby creating all the right conditions for business success.

See your coworkers
Individuals need to be seen, respected and feel safe to enjoy their work. All of us want to be able to influence one's situation and plan one's work. As an employee, it makes the work more manageable to know what one's responsibility and authority is. Furthermore, employees need to be able to develop and learn new things and get support when needed. It's also important to get feedback on a job well done as well as when things go wrong. Mistakes must be viewed as a means to learn and improve. Creating a business environment where employees feel proud and treated with fairness provides a good foundation for the future.

Good leadership
People today choose not only a role and/ or a company but also their prospective manager and what leadership a company has. To create good leadership, communication and clarity is key. Communication is important both between manager and employee, but also between colleagues. Be a rolemodel of how and when you say things and how you as a manager give feedback. Creating participation and building a team is also an important part. Together we are stronger is not just a cliché.

Live as you learn
Credibility is a cornerstone for creating a good working environment. Think of what you're saying and do what you promise. Empty words create insecurity and do not build conditions for a healthy workplace. Studies from the Great Place to Work® Institute show that trust is the foundation of a good working environment. There is no guidebook but they have highlighted five dimensions to look at when establishing a great workplace.

In conclusion, if you want your company to create a working environment that attracts and empowers people to grow with you, keep these five keywords in mind: Credibility, respect, justice, pride and friendship.

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