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We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Christmas 2016 is just around the corner and we at Harvey Nash are looking forward with great anticipation to start a new year!

This has without a doubt been one eventful year, especially looking back with a more global outlook. In a world with such potentially different views on how best to build a future, the importance of having good leaders and good leadership is paramount. The political turbulens in regards to Brexit and the US elections can be seen as a result of people demonstrating their feeling of being let down by their leadership and demanding a change, no matter how uncertain the alternative may be. So our wish for next year is that we as individuals come to see our role in society as more meaningful, where we see that we all can be part of affecting change. We hope that we all will take the time to learn and be more informed about the things that influence and affect our world, and that we will all feel more engaged and dedicated to making a difference.

Instead of giving Christmas gifts this year we have made a donation to the organisations of Stadsmissionen in Gothenburg, Skåne region and Stockholm. We wish to be part of making a difference for those people who live in solitude and segregation. Here at Harvey Nash we are convinced that every person has unique potential and therefore we see nothing more meaningful than being part of helping to rebuild people's lives.
We wish you a wonderful Christmas and look forward to making a difference together in 2017!

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