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Thank you for a successful event in Gothenburg 30th March

Thank you to all who participated in our seminar about the importance of health in creating growth and development in organisations and people.

At Harvey Nash in Gothenburg we are currently working on an initiative to promote more wellness within organisations and hope to grow this initiative within our own company as well as inspire others. We would like to send out a big thank you for a a great collaboration with the organisation Brain Athletics and to our speakers Mikael Mattsson and Jenny Nyberg.

Louise Bichler, initiator and Consultant at Harvey Nash in Gothenburg says: "All too often we hear of issues arising from sickleave and lack of the right competence in our daily dialogue with clients. We therefore wish to do something to contribute to a more positive development within the work environment. We would like to help remind people of the importance of finding a balance in life that incorporates physical exercise for body and mind, eating better and not the least creating employee engagement around this! Finding some sort of physical activity to dedicate oneself to on a regular basis will not only keep your brain in shape and help prevent sickness but as reserach shows improves how we handle stress and also makes us better decision makers."

At our seminar on the 30th March at Serneke Arena in Gothenburg we invited speakers Mikael Mattsson (founder of the leadership development programme Management by Movement) and Jenny Nyberg (researcher at the Institute of Neuroscience and Physiology at Gothenburg University). Our goal is to help inform about the latest developments within health research, but also to help generate ideas about how companies can work more proactively with wellness and drive employee engagement around this topic. We believe it is an area well worth investing efforts into in order to create increased efficiency, wellbeing and growth for both people and organsiations.
Jenny Nyberg says:"Regular physical activity changes the structure in your brain and increases mental functions, memory and ability to learn. It strengthens the brain and counteracts the risk of illness and injury in the brain, such as stroke, dementia and depression. In short, it contributes to a long, efficient and healthy working life."

At Harvey Nash, we believe that we have a responsibility and an opportunity to help develop individuals and organisations in our community. We think that companies today can better utilize the healthcare benefits already available to them but also to create more employee engagement around wellness. "To thrive in ones work and maximize ones own potential we believe can reverse the trend, reduce the cost to society at large and create better growth and success" says Craig Schlebusch, Manager at Harvey Nash in the region.

With this event Harvey Nash is helping to promote and support the the non-profit movement Brain Athletics, supporting further brain research.

If you would like to know more about our initiative and our events, please contact:
Louise Bichler, initiator and Consultant Harvey Nash Gothenburg
M: 0730-773 13 49