The Power Of Talent

Our MD, Åza Skoog, interviewed in the business magazine Chef

What to include on your CV and what not to. Triathlon, marathon and other sporting achievements are becoming everyday on managers' CVs. But, where on the CV do they fit in and when does it become too much?

"To include your sporting achievements on your CV is very positive from my point of view. I have many years' experience from recruitment and I know that there is a strong link between this type of interest and your career ambitions. If you, for example, run marathons you are typically very goal oriented, have a great stamina and a good fighting spirit", says Åza Skoog, MD Harvey Nash. Harvey Nash is specialised in recruitment of managers and specialists.

She believes that running a marathon, to complete 'Swedish Classic' or similar should be listed under the heading "Other Qualifications" on your CV. It can also be a teaser to attract interest and in that case it can also be part of a brief introduction at the top of the CV.

Full article (in Swedish)