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Meet recruitment consultant Eva Lindell

1) How did you come to know Harvey Nash?

Over lunch with a former colleague. Like many others, it is a series of events and coincidences that have helped me get to where I am today. I have an education in physics that I later supplemented with studies in economics. The first ten years of my career, I worked as an engineer within the telecom and IT industry in various roles, such as test engineer, system engineer, project manager and with market communications. Just over ten years ago I saw an advertisement where the industry was looking for a recruitment consultants with an engineering background, and this caught my interest. Since then I have worked with recruitment of managers and specialists in roles that require some kind of engineering background or have had a connection to the technology industry.

With my own practical experience from technology-heavy companies, I have a good understanding of different roles in these types of companies and how they can build their organisations. I have noticed that my background in a very concrete way makes it easier for me to understand the prerequisites and challenges of the roles I recruit to on behalf of our customers and provide me with valuable tools in my advisory role.

2) What do you like about your work today?

I am curious as a person and like to learn new things. I do this everyday in all my meetings with clients and candidates. I like that Harvey Nash works with interesting clients and assignments, which our candidates have also discovered. It feels fun. Being able to work with assignments throughout Sweden is also something I appreciate, where before I only worked within the Stockholm region. Now I come in contact with new industries that are not in the metropolitan areas, such as the steel and pulp and paper industry.

3) What roles do you usually work with and how do you make a difference for the customer?

Today I work with recruitment of managers and specialists in production, supply chain and business development.

At Harvey Nash we have a good network that we have built since starting out in 2008. We also have a very good complementary serviceoffering for our customers through our close cooperation with our sister company Alumni, who works with executive search and leadership development at management and board level. I also find that there is a long-term aspect and stability in belonging to a large international organisation like Harvey Nash with about 8,000 colleagues spread throughout the world. I feel that I have the right conditions as a consultant in this work environment alongside experienced colleagues, to really deliver value for the benefit of our clients and candidates.

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Eva Lindell, Consultant with our team Supply Chain & Operations
M: +46 737 731 344