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Executive Assistant network

Thank you to all who participated in our latest networking session with inspiration from Carol Möllebo.

Since some time back we at Harvey Nash have been hosting a network for Executive and CEO Assistants. The sessions offer a possibility to meet and discuss challenges in this role and exchange experiences. The members are exclusively selected to maximise the benefit and interchange of ideas.
Last week we were so pleased to have Carol Möllebo join us as speaker, to share with us her experience from a long and prominent career as Executive Assistant. She also shared with us her choice to change career later in life. What challenges does one face in this type of role, how can one increase the "value" and understanding of the position and what demands are placed on today's assistants?
This was a continuation of our theme on Self Leadership that our colleague Christina Harrington kicked-off in previous session.

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For the past five years we have helped clients recruit senior level Executive Assistants and have a broad network of candidates with great experiences across industries.

For questions about this network or recruitment needs please contact:
Terese Lewander, Project Manager and Business Coordinator
M: +46 73-048 13 45