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3 quick questions with Karin Lindeberg, new Consultant in our Gothenburg office

Karin Lindeberg is our new colleague in Gothenburg. She will take an active role in our business development and help further strengthen our offer within recruitment and development of managers and specialists across a range of industry sectors.

1) How did you come to hear about Harvey Nash?
For the last seven years I have been working with internal recruitment of sales and sales manager roles at one of Europe's largest security companies. I happened to come by a job announcement from Harvey Nash looking for a recruitment consultant to join the team here and the time felt right to try out a broader role with more responsibility. After a couple of meetings with some of my new colleagues here it just felt right. I was attracted by the corporate culture and the opportunity for personal development. I am delighted to have have found my next career challenge within this industry that I love. I feel that I am so privileged with the opportunity to everyday be able to meet with so many different people coming from different backgrounds and with different personalities, it is stimulating and helps me develop as a person.

2) Would you share a little about your new role and what you will be doing?

It's great to have found this challenge where I can keep working with what I love, but now in a broader capacity with different roles and across various industries. At Harvey Nash in Sweden we have teams that are clearly niched in areas of expertise, but I will start working more as a generalist with assignments in Gothenburg and throughout Western Sweden. From what I have seen so far, we seem to be good at solving assignments between our different offices and creating successful collaborations to take advantage of our collect competencies and skills. I am a teamplayer and hope to have an opportunity to work with colleagues in both our Stockholm- and Malmö offices, perhaps also with colleagues in our other offices in the Nordics. Within Harvey Nash Group we have two more brands here in the Nordics (Alumni and Impact Executives), which makes this workplace even more attractive as it makes for an even more dynamic environment with so many competent colleagues with varying experiences and a fantastic resource in our respective network.

One of the things I look forward to working more with besides delivering in client assignments is to be involved in putting a business plan in place for our Gothenburg team. The prospect of being part of setting our own goals and focus areas feels good and I believe that it will help us as employees to take bigger ownership for our joint success. Given that the team in Gothenburg is still very small, I expect and hope to be involved in a little of everything which will be challenging but so much fun too! It's exciting to go from previously recruiting others into sales roles and instead stepping into a sales role myself, having to build my own network stronger and that of Harvey Nash. My first month here has been intense and soon I will have my first candidate presentations and also make sure to take some client meetings.

3) What do you make of our vision and how do you think we add value?
I strongly believe that what we do adds value and that we can make a difference to our customers' success. To me, it's about helping clients to develop by recruiting the right person with the right skills for their specific needs, or helping candidates find the right next step in their career. For me personally, it also feels very important to work for a company where we practice what we preach and where we see a clear responsibility to play a constructive part of our community.

I believe that the value we contribute with to our customers becomes most evident in our advisory role, based on previous experiences and insights, but also the overall competence we have at Harvey Nash. The close collaboration with our sister companies Alumni and Impact Executives means that we can also take a holistic approach and offer our customers a wider range of complementary services. I'm not quite sure yet, but from what I've seen so far, few other firms in the Nordics if any currently have the same capacity that we have; with three brands, in six markets in the Nordic region and with just over 120 colleagues, we are a strong partner to our customers within leadership services. Being part of a large organization like Harvey Nash Group is also an added value as it provides stability and security in an increasingly more fast paced and complicated context, as well as providing our customers with access to the knowledge and international networks of approximately 8000 colleagues across 3 continents.

I think success comes from the passion of individuals wanting to make a difference and really believing in what they do. My colleagues here are dedicated and striving to add lasting value which contributes to our long-term perspective which I think is something many of our customers can appreciate and value.

Currently, I think there is a great deal of activity in the market and a high demand for external expertise when recruiting and working strategically with talent management. These are exciting times for our region and I look forward to networking, building our business and our offer stronger. I expect I will have an intense autumn ahead and in building my own network stronger I am of course always open to a contact and further dialogue about any challenges or needs you may face.

Karin Lindeberg, Consultant
M: +46 73-773 13 49

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