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3 quick questions with Craig Schlebusch, Regional Manager West

Craig heads up our business in region West including Gothenburg where we have one of our offices. He´s been working within the recruitment business for 19 years and joined us at Harvey Nash in 2012.

1) Who is Harvey Nash and what do you stand for?
Our Gothenburg office was established in 2012 and with the right team now in place and a focused strategy we have seen a steady growth in the last 18 months. Just as in Stockholm and Malmö we work closely with our sister companies Alumni and Impact Executives and are able to add more value through a unique and comprehensive service offering. Being quite new in this market I like to say that we bring a curiosity and commitment to building strong, long-term relationships. In today's market, you need to work hard to differentiate yourself and we find that the best way to do that is by staying transparent, honest, personable and to have the courage to tell the hard truths. Of course, we also have the best candidates and work with the most exciting client assignments but that goes without saying.
Most companies like to say they can help with everything and we do too. Especially since we have the Nordic presence and in addition the stability of belonging to a big international corporation such as Harvey Nash Group. I believe we are up to 8000 colleagues across the world now which offers a great resource and potential to help our clients achieve success. Our close collaboration with our sister companies Alumni and Impact Executives with complementary services, is of course yet another unique offer where we are able to service a multitude of networks on different levels. Another aspect that we think differentiates us is that we have a good offer with areas of specialization where my colleagues work in niche functional areas such as; HR & Administration, Finance & Legal, Sales, Marketing & Tech, Supply Chain & Operations and also a team working with Public aimed at municipalities, counties, healthcare, authorities and member organizations.
One thing I enjoy at Harvey Nash is our very entrepreneurial spirit with great freedom to help our customers in the best way possible. We like to be streamlined in our processes, but also key is to be adaptable and certainly very innovative in how we work to solve assignments. There is a great deal of pragmatism to the way we have conducted our own business development throughout the years, always putting our customer first and adapting to the specific needs and finding tailormade solutions.

2) What do you enjoy about working at Harvey Nash? Can you describe your role in a bit more detail?
I service our customers in the whole of Sweden's West Coast region, with a regional overlap into our office in Malmö. I have always been driven by the people business and interested and curious to learn about other people's future and career development. I find a reward in helping support companies achieve their business strategy and find success. Having worked in recruitment for the past 19 years I never get over the thrill of finding the perfect match between candidates and a client.
I began my career within recruitment in London and worked in Management before moving to Sweden with my family in 2012. I have a background within healthcare, sales, marketing, staffing and interim recruitment. Of course, today I have extended my expertise and also deliver assignments in Industry which is big in Gothenburg.
Since moving here, I have spent a lot of time learning and adjusting to the Swedish culture, networking and help build our office here from scratch. In a professional context, the biggest difference between London and Gothenburg is the level of maturity in the market with a higher degree of transactional business. London was of course very different but I am enjoying Sweden and Harvey Nash, and look forward to growing with our company. I particularly enjoy taking on new projects here, testing new skills and breaking into new networks and areas. I find that you don't always have to be an industry expert but you must have the curiosity and of course the experience to know how to ask the right questions.

2) What does the future look like for your market and industry?
I think the future looks exciting! With key focus on quality and service, we value our repeat business, working to build loyalty and long-term partnerships but of course we are quite new on this local market and there is much room to grow. I find that there is interest from our clients for our services within assessment, management training and second opinions which I hope to work more with. Recently our sister company Alumni acquired P.A.T Management, a consultancy based in Malmö working exclusively with leadership development and assessments. I am really looking forward to strengthening our offer within this area as I see that this is a huge opportunity for us to really add a lot more value to our customers.
I am looking forward to having new colleagues joining me in our Gothenburg office and we are looking to grow even more. My experience is that at Harvey Nash we have open minded colleagues and we are keen to find people not necessarily from a recruitment background but more important is that you have the same core values, a passion for people, HR and possible a consultancy background. Recruitment is a good line of work to be in and digitalization is certainly challenging our business, but just as many other businesses it's just a matter of adapting and I believe our services are here to stay for a long time yet!

Craig Schlebusch Manager Harvey Nash

Craig Schlebusch, Manager Region West
M: +46 73 77 313 45