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3 quick questions to Anna-Sofia Renman

Congratulations on placing the new Secretary-General of the Swedish UN Association! Petra Hallebrant, Sustainability and Communications Director at energy company Telge energi and former Communications Director at Unicef and Save The Children will start in her new role this August.

1) How did you come to join Harvey Nash?
I have over 15 years of experience within recruitment in various contexts: large and small companies in both private and public sectors, but mainly from consultancy firms. In two instances, I worked in the HR department at companies, but then often felt that I longed for the consulting world. In 2010, I worked for the Civil Aviation Authority, a government agency, and was incharge of a major procurement of recruitment services. It was after that process that I decided that I would return to a consultancy role and decided to join recruitment firm Poolia.

After a couple of wonderful years there and a two-year international stay in China, to where I moved with my family in 2013, I felt that the time had come to try something new. Those years opened my eyes to so many things and having learnt a lot and gained a new perspective on things I felt this was my chance. For awhile I considered starting my own business and I also pursued a role at the Swedish Migration Board. Today, I'm so grateful that I took the time to really find something that today gives me a purpose.

It's thanks to my son's football matches that I ended up at Harvey Nash! There I met one of my colleagues today. I was attracted by the team work here and that we all work together to solve assignments. Otherwise it has been my experience that the consultancy role often is quite lonely. We have a corporate culture with core values that I can stand for, a good reputation on the market and a brand that makes me proud. For me the Harvey Nash business also represents a different challenge from my previous roles as our clients are in many cases also candidates and vice versa, that our candidates are or may become our clients.

2) Are there types of roles that you work more with than others?
My latest placement which was for the UN Association is the result of an incredibly comprehensive recruitment process and has been great fun! When I think back, it has been extremely exciting to meet so many different people, from one person who for a time lived in a refugee camp in Rwanda to people who have worked with CSR and sustainability issues in some of Sweden's largest organisations. I have met with many different people from successful communications managers to many amazing individuals' active within the UN in different ways. Having experienced firsthand the affects of the unrest we face in our world today, it's incredibly rewarding and makes me extremely proud to be part of such a worthy organization as the UN Association!

In my 15 years within the industry, I have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of assignments. My background being that of an economist I've naturally had a focus on financial roles. Today I work in Team Supply Chain, Operations and Public and given my experience from the Civil Aviation Authority there has now also been assignments in the public sector. We have had many different types of roles and I have helped recruit for example the CEO of the Swedish Performing Arts Association, which opened my eyes to a fantastic segment. Right now, we have an assignment for the Royal Opera to recruit an Executive Assistant. Another assignment is for public transport in the region of Västmanland in Sweden who are looking for a new executive director. There is a huge breadth in the assignments I have the privilege of being part of, which for me is both challenging and fun!

3) How in your opinion does Harvey Nash add value to your customer?
We believe that companies can contribute even more to our society as a whole and that social, environmental and ethical considerations are important aspects of the decision-making process to create long-term sustainable businesses. That's something we strive to get better at and it has a big impact on how we advise our customers. We believe that our own success comes from the passion for what we do in our everyday lives and also the long-term commitment we strive for in all assignments. Our vision is to make a difference and add value to the organizations we work for, the people we meet and the society we work in. I think that the value we contribute with becomes clear in our advisory role, based on the experience and collective competence we have within Harvey Nash Group. For example, in the assignment for the UN Association we worked very closely and it became very clear how we complemented our client as an advisory party with an outside perspective. Understanding the world in which the UN Association operates in is no easy task, but on the other hand we contributed with our expertise within recruitment, our understanding, our analysis and knowledge of what kind of skills would really benefit the organization. Also, the breadth of our networks and the fantastic possibilities therein is something I really hope we can continue to build on and use in the future!

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Anna-Sofia Renman, Consultant team Supply Chain, Operations and Public
M: +46 73 773 13 48