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What we do Recruitment Projects

At times there is a need to recruit a large number of perople at once. We have vast experience of these types of recruitment projects where we put together a team that assists our client throughout the whole project. Give us a call and we’ll let you know how we can help you.

Below you will find some examples of projects that we have completed.


New business start-up, recruitment to some 70 positions through both the search and advertisement services. Harvey Nash handled the entire process and had a dedicated project manager who kept the client constantly updated on the status of the process.

Insurance company

Recruitment of 15 project managers during an organisational change. An extended project in which a team from Harvey Nash consisting of both researchers and consultants worked closely with the client and carried out reviews on a weekly basis to determine the current status and current requirements in each individual case. We placed circa 15 final candidates over a six-month period.

A storage-solutions-company

Relocation of the marketing department from one site to another. Harvey Nash provided assistance throughout the recruitment process during the recruitment of most of the team, since only a few of the existing employees chose to move with the company.

We also have experience of large trainee projects, which involve recruiting a number of trainees on behalf of a client. This means that we set up our own sizeable tailor-made team to manage the entire trainee process.