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Our Company Vision & Values

Our Vision

We are here to make a difference by providing and developing the leadership and talent that make our clients more successful and our society better to work, thrive and live in.

Our Values

To achieve our vision we have agreed on a shared set of values that all employees work according to – every day and in all our projects. The values are more than just fine words on a piece of paper – they are also our most important tool in the quest to help our clients succeed in their talent strategy. This involves explaining to our clients what they can expect from working with Harvey Nash and why they should choose us in particular.

Core Values

It is not by chance that we placed “passion” at the core – we believe that recruitment is the most enjoyable thing we can do. A key feature of working with us is that our employees are passionate about doing everything for our clients.

When working with us you have access to all our employees – we call this both inward and outward networking. For you as our client, this means greater opportunities for succeeding with your recruitment. We are convinced that a hundred minds can do a better job together than individual employees working on their own. At Harvey Nash the greatest hero is the one who helps a colleague. We also believe that what we do today will benefit us in the long term – a candidate today is an important client tomorrow. And the best proof of our success is satisfied, repeat clients. At the same time we love to challenge our clients and get them to think anew – we aim to present innovative solutions to the challenges we meet.

We also combine a high level of ambition with high quality requirements. This applies both to our experienced employees and to our tried and tested processes and methods.

Ethics, confidentiality and CSR

Ethics and confidentiality

Harvey Nash does not divulge any information whatsoever about a candidate to a client or to other external contacts without having received the candidate’s expressed consent. We treat all information from clients and candidates as strictly confidential.

We undertake to maintain strict confidentiality in respect of all matters which we become aware of in connection with assignments. We always refrain from actively contacting candidates in the companies that we work closely with. All documentation is stored in a secure manner.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We think that social, environmental and ethical issues are crucial in creating a sustainable business. Being part of the Harvey Nash Group also means being a valuable contributor to society.

At Harvey Nash we are always ready to support organisations and initiatives which benefit society in general. As an example, each Christmas we choose a charity to support such as BRIS or the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We also cooperate with the Swedish organisation Våga Börja Prata.

If you want to learn more about our thoughts on CSR, further information is available here.