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Smart Specialization within Marketing, Communications and Sales.

Since 2015, Mirja Holmberg is part of our team and one of our most senior consultants. She has helped build our offer with strong functional areas of expertise and dared to carve out a niche for herself in Marketing, Communication & Sales.

1) How did you get to know Harvey Nash?
A former colleague introduced me to Harvey Nash which at that time was a company I had not heard of. It was a case of good timing I think as I was having different ideas about what I wanted to do as a next step in my career and in the end, I found this to be the best choice. I have experience from HR and previously worked as a recruitment consultant for a company that specializes in marketing, sales, online and public relations.

2) What is the best thing about working at Harvey Nash?
I really like that we work in teams here. There is a strong company culture with collegiality at the core and we can rely on each other and share knowledge and insights about the market. There is no mistaking that Harvey Nash is a value-driven company and I think our values go all the way back to when our sister company Alumni was founded over twenty-five years ago.

It is also a privilege to work with colleagues who have built such amazing networks! It adds a huge value to our business today and I am sure it will be the key to our success in the future. It's quite simple really - it serves us best when all of us do well together.

Besides working with fantastic colleagues it's also rewarding to be working with so many exciting and highly regarded assignments! Quite recently we made the decision to join our two teams IT/Tech and Sales/Marketing together, which felt completely right. Most marketing roles today have some element of digital competence being part of the profile and being able to work more closely with IT/Tech gives us the added value of being able to understand existing competence better but also understand the market conditions. There is good knowledge exchange between our two teams and sometimes we find great synergies between industries. The breadth our collaboration gives us makes me feel secure in my advisory role, in that I can rely on our collective experience. I can be part of challenging the dialogue and adding more value to our customers, ultimately helping to find the best possible match between clients and candidates.

I see a very positive future with Harvey Nash. There is potential to do much more than today by working even more customer-centric and adapting our offer to the needs that arise. Right now, we are in a period of growth and have had the privilege of welcoming many new colleagues in the past six months. This is amazing, but at the same time challenges our ambition to maintain an entrepreneurial culture. What I appreciate here is that I have room to influence and be part of developing the business, which is rewarding and fun!

3) How in your opinion does Harvey Nash add value to your customer?
Through the combined expertise of Harvey Nash and our sister companies Alumni and Impact Executives, we can take a much bigger overall approach and offer our customers a broader range of leadership development and talent management services. Although we are three separate companies with our own services and networks, we strive to offer customers the experience of working towards one partner and it should be easy to do so.

We have an understanding and knowledge of the market, where we can set expectations and advise on, among other things, which recruitment strategy can deliver the best results, depending on the role and business. Sometimes we solve an assignment through job advertising, but as we mostly work with recruitment of managers and specialists, a search process is often to prefer. Our aim is to build long-term relationships and truly add value by sharing our expertise and act as advisors in virtually everything that concerns leadership!

We always welcome you to contact us directly should you wish to learn more about us or the types of assignments we do.

Examples of roles we do are: Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, CRM specialist, Brand Manager and E-commerce Manager.

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Mirja Holmberg, Consultant
M: +46-773 13 40

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Smart specialisering inom Marknad, Kommunikation och Sälj #HarveyNash #Rekrytering #Ledarskap
Hon har hjälpt oss bygga ett starkare erbjudande inom våra expertisområden och själv vågat nischa sig hårt inom roller på Marknad, Kommunikation & Sälj.